Saturday, November 8, 2014

That Which We Do Not Understand

"The Empress"

It's been a long time. I would like to share some interesting things with you. As you might know I have been creating illustrations for Amelia's magazine for quite a while and collaborating with 
many talented writers and journalists and artists...

  Now Amelia is publishing a new book on the topic of mystical, unfathomable phenomena and just enigmatic and mysterious things that will contain some beautiful and thought-provoking body of work: art and writing; you can view some of the artworks here.
     There is a kickstarter campaign to raise funds for this project, and if you decide to help, besides the issues of Amelia's magazine and Illustration books and other wonderful things, you can also get a very limited edition of A2 poster of my drawing "The Empress" with gold leaf. There are only 9 posters (in the whole world!) left and I honestly would like to get one, too! So if you want to support a good cause and in return receive something exclusive, you are welcome to!
Here's a video from kickstarter!
a lovely weekend to everyone
keep warm and eat well